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We create and manufacture high quality fragrance compounds to be incorporated into products for a global marketplace.

Fully compliant with IFRA (International Fragrance Association) and RIFM (Research Institute for Fragrance Materials) regulations, we give our customers a world-class product with competitive prices and quality service.
Our headquarters and manufacturing hub is based in the North of England and we have an extensive network of sales offices and warehouse facilities throughout Asia, Africa and beyond.
Via this network we market our product providing technical back up and delivering original and innovative compounds to our customers worldwide.


Our marketing department is constantly identifying new fragrance trends in all types of consumer, homecare and luxury products. We update all our sales personnel worldwide on a regular basis with new ideas and predictions of future trends – see our latest COLLECTIONS for some of the latest ideas we have been working on recently.



Our purpose is to serve our customers by designing, building & operating a logistical solution which will measurably improve quality, costs & customer service.
We aim to achieve this through the efficient management of the flow of goods, service and information – from the procurement of raw materials through suppliers, manufacturers & distributors, to our customers & end users.
Our focus remains on order fulfilment and demand satisfaction, and this allows us to deliver value through excellent customer service.

Our logistical approach can be summed up in 4 steps.

  • Know your customer understand their needs.

  • Grasp your customer needs.

  • To design customized integrated solutions that will maximise responsiveness & efficiency.

  • Implement the solution.


Our technical staff have many decades of experience in analytical and QC procedures. Application is of paramount importance in perfumery and whether your product is highly technical and functional or a purely indulgent luxury , we have the compound to give it the leading edge – a fragrance for every application.

We have extensive knowledge in all applications for household , personal care and industrial products and can demonstrate our fragrances in a wide range of finished products such as bar soap, airfreshners and aerosols etc.